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Leaf Folk Artist

Nobel Cheer

by Jantje Blokhuis-Mulder

Noble Cheer is a folk artist who uses real leaves as her canvas. Now residing in Phoenix, AZ, Noble was born in 1949 - the youngest of six , on a small isolated farm in Pennsylvania. Her siblings were quite a bit older and the family did not have luxuries like a television, so Noble spent her early years observing nature... the barn cats, the creek, the wind and the sky.

One day while standing by a large maple tree, a flurry of small yellow butterflies whirled in on the wind and Noble was intrigued by the sheer magic of their delicate yellow wings. This event became the reason why she creates art on leaves today.

The symmetry of veins a butterfly's wing, were also repeated in nature's leaves. When her older sister allowed Noble to use her paint a whole new world opened up and we can all see the result today in the delicate detailed art work that she produces on the most natural of canvas creation can provide... the leaf of a tree.

Here for you now is a small sampling of her work.

More Photos:

Text © Jantje Blokhuis-Mulder; Photos Reprinted with Permission

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